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Vermillion homes for sale
Tucked into historic Huntersville, you’ll find Vermillion, a charming community that spans more than 400 acres of picturesque homes, mature trees, gently rolling hills and winding sidewalks

You need to Vermillion to experience everything the community has to offer. The amenities include a sparkling pool, open park areas, playground, garden, more. Plus, the community is part of the Carolina Thread Trail Greenway.

There's even an inviting village square with 2 neighborhood restaurants, Harvey's Bar and Grill & Block Bistro, where you can connect with friends and family.

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Vermillion Village Will Be One Of A Kind

Vermillion Village will initially include a 78,000-square-foot supermarket anchor and 18,000 square feet of retail space in addition to 400 residential units.

The land sale is expected to close in July, according to MPV.
The developers have committed to at least $250,000 toward road improvements to mitigate increased traffic volume as a result of the project. Road projects could include widening Huntersville-Concord Road, additional turn lanes at intersections near the development or improved neighborhood flow and access points, according to MPV.

Estimated timeline for the project is three to five years, with the retail portion kicking off first.
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