We Know All The Builders

We work with over 30 different builders with most being the biggest in the area. Forward Realty has relationships that allows us to get our clients more incentives and better deals. As a NC licensed General Contractor, Peter makes sure the home and process is being done correctly.

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If you are looking to buy a new construction
home in Charlotte or the Lake Norman area, you may be thinking:
"Do you really need a New Construction Realtor to represent you when purchasing a brand new house"


Many home buyers don't realize that the builder is not working for them. Here are some important things to know about when buying a new construction:

1. Can I get a better deal if I don't use an Agent

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The builder pays the realtor's commission. Many buyers believe if they use a realtor it will increase the price you pay for the home. That is not the case. The commission is taken out of the marketing budget and if they don't pay a buyer's agent - that money is not taken off the price of the home.

2. Secret Inventory and Unlisted New Construction around Lake Norman Is Prevalent

You may never know all the homes the builder has in inventory that have not been released to the public unless you are using a realtor. An aggressive agent who brings builders business will know how to negotiate these properties before they hit the market
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3. Pick a Realtor Who Can Read a New Construction Contract and Negotiate with New Home Builders

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You'll need a Realtor who knows the new-construction home market and has a relationship with builders to guide you in the right direction. Why? Because builders don't all work the same. Their contracts are all different from one another. Some negotiate on price, others offer incentives like upgrades and credits towards closing cost. 

4. Know What to Expect from Your Home Builder

A Realtor knows how to communicate with builders and which builders offer outstanding customer service and which ones don't. Know which builders will keep you informed during the building process, how often they will communicate and which ones won't can be essential if you want to have a positive experience.
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5. Understand New-Construction Home Inspection

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Knowing which home inspectors conduct home inspections for new construction is also where a savvy, New Construction Realtor comes into play. A home inspector how knows building codes is essential.